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Whole Urad dal is round black lentil that has black skin covering a creamy white interior. Whole urad dal possesses the properties of being unadulterated and high on protein. These are low in total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, and may reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers. In short it is all natural and a friend of heart.
They come in two forms.
  • With the husk as a complete urad dal with the black skin. These have strong, rich and earthy flavor because of the black skin. These also have high quality to absorb flavor and are therefore used in stew more like chilli.
  • Without husk as a complete urad dal with the black skin removed- appears creamy white in color. This skinless urad dal is highly recommended for diabetic patients. The removed skin helps it to be less strong and lighter than black whole urad dal.
  • These are popularly grown in southern Asia and commonly used in culinary preparation by Indians and Pakistani Punjabis
Urad Wash is spilt urad dal. These carry the same health quotient as that of whole urad but in lesser quantity as these are milled. They have subtle and flour like aroma and taste quite bland.
  • With husk- black lentils (or urad dal) that have been split but not skinned. These are also called ‘Chilke Urad Dal’ which means split black lentils with skin.
  • Without husk- black lentils (or urad dal) that have been split and skinned.
    Split black lentils are eaten with rice or added to hot oil along with mustard seeds and onions before adding the vegetables to give a nutty taste and a slightly chewy texture to the dish.