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Dal Chana or Chana Dal is the split version of Black Dal/Kala Chana with its black husk or seed coat removed. Although machines can split, it can be done at home by soaking the whole chickpeas and removing the loose skins by placing the chickpeas between two towels and rubbing with a rolling pin. These rank lowest in the glycemic index which shows the effect of food in our blood sugar levels.
Chickpeas that are small and have brown skins are called Black dal OR Kala chana. It is actually dark brown in color, unlike its name. They look and taste very different from the more common white chickpeas or Kabuli Chana. Kala Chana has a real earthy flavor and when soaked properly they can be eaten raw too. Kala Chana mixed with basic masala- chilli powder, coriander powder and salt taste extremely tasty. Tomatoes and Onions can also be added and the dish would serve best for evening snaks.